SET Sales Rules
  1. This is a SET SALE. I am hoping to find a buyer that will be the kind of caretaker for the collection like I have been. I cherished the kinds of excitement and memories that the collection brings and I want the buyer to keep the collection in the same condition and as one because it TRULY IS “THE FINEST QUALITY AMERICAN BEATLES RECORD COLLECTION THAT HAS EVER BEEN ON THIS PLANET...
  2. The person who makes, in my sole and absolute discretion, a “best offer on the planet” gets the Best American Beatles Record Collection on The Planet. I want to work with the buyer to obtain what we both feel is a very fair offer. I will say this to the buyer: Please keep in mind that there is only one Beatles record collection that can be called THE Finest Quality American Beatles Record Collection on The Planet and THIS IS THAT COLLECTION! In addition to this, there has NEVER BEFORE been an American Beatles record collection that has both the combination of the incredible amount and kinds of RARITY along with the EXQUISITE QUALITY that the records possess ALL IN ONE COLLECTION! All dealers and collectors who know about this collection say that there will never be another collection as good as this one. THIS IS TRULY A ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE!
  3. INSPECTION/ CONSULTATION: Any qualified, potential buyer is encouraged to personally inspect the collection. Please contact me for details. I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the collection submitted by phone or email.
  4. REGISTRATION and QUALIFICATION:  You are welcome to browse the website and view this incredible collection; however you must register to submit an offer. You may register online or by phone. At that time we will confirm your name, address, email, & phone number(s).  In order to ensure only qualified parties make an offer, banking, credit and other financial information will be required unless the potential buyer has references who we know that know the potential buyer. 
  5. OFFERS:  Offers must be made in the form of a signed and notarized document: “The Offer”. The Offer may be made in person, or by registered mail.  Once The Offer is submitted, it shall be deemed a binding offer to make a contract, which shall remain open for a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date The Offer is received by me. The Offer may be rescinded by written notice of withdrawal of The Offer. This notice must be received by me at the address listed on my website, prior to my acceptance of The Offer.  In the event that, within fourteen (14) calendar days of my receipt of The Offer, no decision is made regarding The Offer, said Offer will expire and be of no further force and effect, unless I receive written notification of extension of The Offer from you. Every attempt will be made to notify each participant of the disposition toward each Offer within 14 calendar days of receipt of The Offer.
  6. I have the right to refuse any Offer for any reason in my sole and absolute discretion.
  7. NOTIFICATION OF WINNING OFFER:  If a single Offer is accepted, a Notification of Acceptance of Offer and a Total Invoice Amount (as defined below in Paragraph 8), will be sent by express carrier to the person making The Offer, at the address stated in the registration.  Attempts will also be made to contact the person by phone and email.
  8. PAYMENT:  The date recorded by the express carrier for delivery of the Notification of the Winning Offer is hereinafter referred to as the “Delivery Date”.
    Payment for the collection must be made according to the following schedule: Within seven (7) calendar days of the Delivery Date of the Notification of Acceptance of Offer, a payment of 5% of the Total Invoice Amount must be deposited, in secured U.S. funds, at a bank to be specified.  The balance is due, by the same method of payment, within thirty (30) calendar days of the Date of Buyer's Receipt, unless other arrangements are made and agreed to by me, in writing, prior to the date when such payments are due hereunder. Accepted method of payment is a wire transfer.  If the deposit is not made within the allotted period, I reserve the full right to enforce the contract and sue the non-performing buyer for breach of contract under the laws of the State of California (see Paragraphs 11 and 12, below).  Because damages for breach of a contract to purchase such a unique collection are difficult if not impossible to quantify, the non-performing buyer agrees that 5% of the purchase price is a reasonable and proximate amount of such damages, and a buyer whose offer has been accepted and fails to make payments as required hereunder, shall pay the seller as liquidated damages an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the purchase price.
  9. COLLECTION AND SHIPPING:  At the time that full payment for all funds stated in the Total Invoice Amount have cleared into my account, I will notify the buyer that the collection is available for pick-up. The buyer assumes ownership and responsibility for the collection immediately upon receipt of this notice. Packing, shipping and insurance of the collection are the buyer's responsibility. If the collection is not picked up within fourteen (14) calendar days of notification, storage and insurance fees will be assessed.
  10. RETURNS:  All sales are final.  Anyone interested in making an offer is welcome to view the collection first.  The collection is guaranteed until the passing of possession to the buyer to be in the quality and condition as stated herein. The collection will be sold as is. Once you have made payment for the collection, it is yours to dispose of as you wish. No returns for any reason will be considered.
  11. GOVERNING LAW - By participating in this set sale, all persons who register herein agree to the following: This sale shall be governed by the laws and jurisdiction of the State of California without regard to rules of choice or conflicts of laws.  By registering for this sale and subject to the terms and provisions of Paragraph 12, below, all registered persons hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts of California, hereby explicitly waiving any argument to the contrary based on forum non-convenes.
  12. ARBITRATION - The parties agree that any dispute arising between them arising out of this set sale shall be resolved by binding arbitration conducted under the rules of the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association in effect as of the date when the matter is first initiated.  A single arbitrator will make a determination and render an award within thirty (30) days of the close of evidence in such arbitration proceeding but will have no authority to award punitive damages.  The parties hereby waive their right to jury trial and agree that the arbitration award will be final and binding and that judgment may be entered thereon in any court of competent jurisdiction.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, any party may seek judicial intervention to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure of the confidential or proprietary information of the party (or those to whom it owes a duty of confidentiality) bringing such action.  The hearing will take place in the County of Sacramento, California. The loosing party will pay attorney fees and costs of the prevailing party.
  13. DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure the information in this catalog and on the accompanying website is accurate. Again, I will encourage and invite anyone who is serious about placing an offer, to personally inspect the collection before making an offer! I cannot be held responsible for computer, human, or mechanical errors, in this catalog or on the website!
  14. By registering to purchase the collection, the buyer agrees to all of the above rules and conditions under the title “Set Sale Rules”.