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Hello and welcome.  THIS IS THE BIG ONE!  I am thrilled to present to you here, what is known as, THE VERY FINEST QUALITY COLLECTION OF AMERICAN BEATLES RECORDS OF ALL-TIME IN THE WORLD!!!  This statement is not made lightly. I am an expert in the hobby of collecting Beatles records since I have been collecting twenty years and have obtained the necessary knowledge and I know a vast array of dealers and collectors who knows that this is indeed THE BEST Beatles record collection that is known in the world. To add some more credibility in case new or other collectors don’t know me, I thought that I would also have another expert verify my statements that I have made here since he has personally seen and appraised my record collection.  Noted Beatles and world renowned record expert John Tefteller, who has been a record dealer for over thirty years in the hobby has stated numerous times to me and all the other dealers and collectors that this collection of rare Beatles records you are about to view on my website at www.ultimatebeatlescollection.com, is simply the “Best In The World” and that it has no peer that he or anybody else is aware of, anywhere! (And he has a vast amount of collectors and dealers that he has asked all over the world!)   Indeed, this collection was recently featured on CBS news, radio, VH1 and in magazines such as Goldmine magazine (the best printed source for information on records).  I am now recognized by the vast amount of record collectors and dealers all over the country as being an expert in the hobby of Beatles Record Collecting because I have twenty years of experience in the hobby and I own THE BEST QUALITY American Beatles record collection in the world.  I get a few emails daily from record collectors and non record collectors congratulating me, asking questions about the hobby and with some even wanting my autograph!  Many record collectors have stated to me that they have dreamt of seeing this exquisite quality Beatles record collection in their dreams, but NEVER thought that it really ever existed.   This MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION IS OFFERED HERE, FOR SALE!  In the world of record and Beatles record collecting, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, a historic event the likes of which have never been seen before anywhere!

In my quest for collecting, only the very best examples of Beatles records and picture sleeves would doI created a list of the “Top 40” Beatles records and picture sleeves, in terms of historical significance, rarity, demand and value. It makes the most sense to create a list of the top forty because The Beatles were in the era of Top Forty music. I decided to make it my “shopping list” for this project.  All of the records and picture sleeves which comprise the list of the “Top 40” are all Beatles records and picture sleeves.  I had little interest in collecting solo Beatle records.  In addition, I believe that there should be no solo Beatle records on a Beatles Record list because John, Paul, George and Ringo worked as a group called The Beatles and not by themselves as John Lennon or Paul McCartney for example.  Thus the solo Beatle records and sleeves should have their own “Top of The Pops Chart”.  My focus would be on acquiring only Beatles records and picture sleeves for the collection.  The “TOP 40” would be my main focus, but not just any record and picture sleeve that is in my Top Forty list.  : My goal would be to obtain the ABSOLUTE AND VERIFIABLE VERY BEST CONDITION EXAMPLE IN THE WORLD of each of those 40 rare records and picture sleeves and each one had to be in VERY STRICT Near Mint or better condition and had to be the best condition example known or I would not buy it.  Only The Best Example of that title In The World would do!

It is very hard to sell me a record.  I am very strict and very picky when it comes to buying a record!  Those dealers found this out the first couple of years of doing business together when I kept passing on rare and very rare records they were offering to me because they did not meet my very strict grading standards.  Ninety six percent of this collection is in beautiful like new Near Mint or Better condition!  Quite a few of these rare Beatles records are in stunning MINT condition!  To those Beatles record collectors who bought records in the 1990’s:  If you ever wondered where most of the REALLY good records went, look through the pages of this catalog.  You’ll probably find them in there!  In fact, many of these same collectors have already found this out!

Now, after twenty years of collecting, 29 of the 40 Beatles records and picture sleeves in my “Top 40” list are represented in this collection!  Of those 29 records, 27 are considered by me and all of the other known record experts to be in the best condition of any known examples of those titles IN THE WORLD!

Here are some of the highlights from this truly amazing Beatles collection:

FACTORY SEALED First State Stereo and Mono Butcher Albums that are in virtually Mint condition!!

The ONLY Near Mint commercial My Bonnie single on the Decca label in the world!!

The FINEST condition Stereo “Portrait Cover” album in the world!!

The ONLY MINT Introducing The Beatles Stereo Ad Back album in the world!!
The FINEST “ANNA” VEE JAY, SPECIAL DJ NO. 8 single in the world!!

The FINEST condition Stereo Beatles VS The Four Seasons album in the world!!

These are just a few examples of the kinds of records that you will find in this truly amazing one of a kind record collection!  A good number of records in this collection are acknowledged as being the best condition example of that record, anywhere in the world.  This is why it is recognized by all of the record collecting experts as being the Best Quality Collection of American Beatles Records in the world!

Any time the value of a record collection is discussed, the primary determining factors are the quality in terms condition, of the individual items, as well as their significance and scarcity.  When it comes to record grading, having a reputable appraiser is of paramount importance.  I don’t want to think about the amount of wasted time I’ve spent looking at what a dealer would call “Near Mint” records, which in reality were VG at best!  Based on my expertise of collecting Beatles records for the past twenty years and getting opinions from many other well known collectors and dealers about their methods of grading records and sleeves I found that most dealers and collectors (97%) do not grade as tough as I do.  All of these same dealers and collectors told me that they also came across several dealers and collectors alike over the years who did not know how to grade records accurately because the methods that they used to grade records resulted in grossly over graded records.  From my knowledge and experience, in my opinion less than .5% (one half of a percent) of the original, black label Capitol albums are still in TRUE Near Mint condition and are very rare indeed!!  Naturally, if TRUE Near Mint records are that hard to find, TRUE MINT records are far, far rarer and more valuable!  I estimate those to be .2% to perhaps .3% (less than one third of a percent)!  The reason why is simply this:  records were made to be played and The Beatles records were no exception.  In fact, many people had to buy several copies of each album because they played them to death.  Back in the 1960’s the needles were heavy and they really killed the disc fast.  Yes, they sold millions of records, but only a select few have been known to survive in True Near Mint or better condition.
Without a doubt, records on the Vee Jay label are the hardest to find in TRUE Near Mint or better condition.  For example, it is nearly impossible to find a truly Near Mint copy of either the Introducing The Beatles album or the “Please, Please Me” 498 single.  In my opinion the chances of finding these records in True Near Mint condition are equal to the chances of finding a Mint original black label Capitol album (see above).  These records and MANY MORE LIKE NEW Near Mint and MINT records on the Vee Jay label are offered for sale here, as part of the collection.
Most Beatle record collectors believe that records in Mint condition should sell for two to three times more than a record with the same title in Near Mint condition.   Records on the Vee Jay label are the exception to this guideline.  Because of the scarcity and demand for Mint Vee Jay records, many collectors including myself believe that they should sell for perhaps up to four times the same title as in Near Mint condition.  When did you last find a TRUE MINT Vee Jay Record or picture sleeve (other than in this collection) of any of the titles? 
A Special Note regarding only the top ten records and sleeves from my TOP 40 list:  Regardless of their condition, whatever example is recognized as being “The best known example in the world” they deserve a “special premium”.  Since these are considered to be the rarest of the rare and if there is only one example that can indeed be called the best example of that record or sleeve in the world then that record or sleeve is TRULY a one-of-a-kind item and thus their value should reflect their uniqueness. In my opinion, the “best known copy” of a record or sleeve depending upon the title should bring two times more value than the next best condition example.  Records and picture sleeves that are in TRUE Near Mint or better condition or that are Mint and sealed that are indeed deemed to be the very best example known should be worth three times more and with the rarest and historically the most significant titles (top six or perhaps top seven titles from the Top 40 list) having the absolute highest value of five times.

A word about price guides:  In many collectors and dealers opinions including mine, current price guides are basically out of date when it comes to the values of many records.  It is widely known through out the hobby that this is a fact.  For example, there just was a new printed Beatles price guide that just came out in July 2007.  Several dealers and collectors who gave me their opinions stated to me that they thought that the prices for many records and picture sleeves in the price guide were too low.  Some of the dealers and collectors who gave me their opinion stated to me that it is a “Buyers Guide”.  As an example, the author of this price guide stated in his guide that a Near Mint WMCA Good Guys Sleeve was worth $7500 in Near Mint condition.  In September 2007 he auctioned a VG+ example of this sleeve on EBAY where the auction ended with a high bid of $5600 and yet that bid did not meet his reserve price.  I know that a lot of hard work goes into those guides (I spent a lot of time creating my catalog) and that they try to make the prices accurate, but it is a fact that printed price guides lose their accuracy over time and sometimes for certain records and picture sleeves they can lose their accuracy rather quickly.  Sometimes the prices were too low to start with even before they printed the guides.  If I was to do a printed price guide even though my guide would be accurate in the first place eventually, the prices would get old too.  In my opinion, what is needed and has been needed for many years now is an on-line price guide that is updated monthly.  By obtaining “inside information” from knowledgeable record collectors and dealers alike, appraisals and using public sales the online price guide will achieve the goal of being more accurate and up to date than a printed price guide.  I am the author of this price guide.  The idea is to have the most current information possible on most if not all original 1960’s Beatles records and picture sleeves from several sources so that dealers and collectors alike will be kept up to date with the values and it is free of charge to those that want the information.  My guide is located at www.thebeatlespriceguide.com.


Please remember the fact that there are 320 incomparable records in pristine condition and that 96% of the records in this collection are in True, like new Near Mint or better condition as well as several MINT examples.  As stated above, many of the records are the best known example of those records in the world!

As the purpose of this project is to sell the “World’s Finest Quality Beatles Record Collection” COMPLETE, a discussion on determining fair value is appropriate.  It has taken me twenty years to amass this collection, and while it is my intention to dispose of it, I still want to have some fun in doing so.  That being said, I will not state a “Buy It Now” price.  I will give you a little insight on how I will determine what I believe will be acceptable as a “fair offer”.

For starters, most dealers sell their better quality records and picture sleeves privately, to their “favorite clients”, as some of these dealers once did for me.  When I bought most of these records from these dealers they would tell me that the guides were too old and grossly inaccurate for many of the records that I was being offered. 
From what I have heard since the values for records and picture sleeves in the new Beatles price guide are low in general there would be no way that someone could use this price guide to come up with the figures that I did.  You have to know the market and have the “inside information” that some of these dealers have to TRULY be able to appraise my collection accurately.  As I have stated before you will not find the True Value for many of my records in any price guide.  Consequentially, the actual sale prices for the most sought-after and other rare pieces are rarely if ever published.   The average selling price for an opened, TRUE, Near Mint or better condition original black label Capitol Beatles album, is in the $600 - $800 range, with Mint copies and the rare variations going for much more.  And you can count on the value of ALL rare Beatles records to continue to increase in value, especially the records that are in Near Mint or better condition as they will escalate faster! 

It has always been my mission to continue to increase the quality and value of the collection.  The economy has recovered from the 9/11 attacks and the market for collectables has recovered.  Good quality Beatles records continue to escalate in value with the price of exquisite quality Beatles records increasing at an even a much faster rate AND I have continued to add quality Beatle records to the collection.  Several Beatles records are bringing new record prices.  The general feeling among dealers and collectors is that a collection of this type appreciates at an average of 10% to 12% a year, without any new acquisitions.  The collection was appraised by John Tefteller this year in the summer and it was stated by him that the value of this collection at that point in time was one million one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($1,150,000).  This was computed as follows:  using current market guidelines and having knowledge of “inside information” from certain dealers and collectors plus using his personal knowledge of being a World Renown dealer for thirty years:  When adding up all of the values for all of the individual records and picture sleeves it came up to approximately $950,000.  Then a premium was added for having them all in one collection, hence the very best quality Beatles collection in the world of all-time and thus there is only one way to get the very best and that is this collection.  I also did an appraisal of my collection.  I came up with similar figures.  I thought that I would use John’s appraisal since I am selling my collection and it would be best if another expert came up with an appraisal instead of me (non-biased).  If a collector would go out to try to build a collection similar to mine it would take them at least twenty years and perhaps a lot more time to amass such a collection.  However, please keep in mind that this collection would FALL FAR SHORT IN TERMS OF BEING THE ABSOLUTE BEST DUE TO THE FACT THAT THIS COLLECTION HAS JUST ABOUT ALL OF THE BEST KNOWN EXAMPLES IN THE WORLD THAT ARE IN MY TOP 40 LIST AND THAT IS WHERE A LOT OF THE VALUE IS AT.  THAT IS WHY THIS COLLECTION WILL ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED TO BE THE FINEST QUALITY BEATLES RECORD COLLECTION IN THE WORLD!!    Also, this year some knowledgeable Beatles record collectors would go as far to say that my Beatles record collection is worth around one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($1,250,000).

  The bottom line is this: Of all the Beatles record collections in the world to own this is UNEQUIVOCALLY THE COLLECTION TO OWN!

PS:  You will not find the prices of many of my records in any price guide – printed or on-line for the fear of others trying to obtain more for something that they don’t have.  Most other authors of price guides follow this policy for the same reason.  Please remember that I will NOT be publishing prices for Mint, best condition examples or sealed records on my website either for this very reason. 

 I am willing to work with a serious buyer on the price for this one of a kind collection.